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About This Training


The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute requires its PIs to complete a review of essential information related to the regulatory environment in which sponsored projects are conducted. This requirement can be satisfied by completing this module via desktop PC or Mac; or by reading the PI Manual.

The training contains two chapters each comprised of several sections. These brief sections serve only to introduce the researcher to issues, and to direct the researcher to resources for more information and assistance. Relevant CHOP Research Institute-specific information (policies, forms, responsible departments, etc.) can be accessed via links in the "Supplemental Resources" tab for each area.

After completing the training, you will:

  • Understand the inherent responsibilities assumed when serving as a PI on a research study
  • Identify the relevant laws, regulations, best practices and policies governing research
  • Know who to contact for additional information or assistance


To begin your training click on "Research Integrity" and scroll through each of the sections using the "Next" button or left navigation. Repeat this process with the "Fiscal Responsibilities" chapter. It will take approximately one hour to view both chapters of this module.

You may print or bookmark any section by clicking on the appropriate icon at the top right of the screen.

After reviewing all the content, please certify that you have reviewed the training. Note that you must complete the certification step to fulfill the requirement. To certify your review of this training module, go through each of the section screens and then follow the instructions under the "Certify Completion" button on the left navigation bar.

To begin the training, proceed to "Research Integrity" on the left navigation bar.


The Principal Investigator training was developed by the Office of Responsible Research Training with support from Research Communications and Research IS.

This training is based on Stanford University's "Principal Investigator Responsibilities at Stanford University". We wish to acknowledge the generous contribution made by Stanford in sharing their experience, content, and materials.

Developed by the Office of Responsible Research Training